Praise Service

Wednesday night is Prayer Service and or Bible Study night at our church. We have some wonderful teachers that give some great lessons on Wednesday nights. I thank God for the teachers and the lessons we are given by Him. But last night turned into something a little different. It was what I’d call a ‘Praise Service’.

The Lord was lifted up in song and word by each one that made it out on that rainy night. The size of the crowd might have been small but the presence of the Spirit was anything but small. The goodness and love of God filled the building and each one present I think, though I can speak only for certain of myself.

The testimonies of God’s wonderful gifts and love He has so graciously blessed us with were so uplifting. He was truly praised and worshipped in spirit and in truth at Gethsemane United Baptist Church last night.

When I speak of the ‘gifts’ He’s given us, I want to be clear: I am not referring to material things. I mean the important things like His guidance, protection, and mostly His Son for the payment of our sin debt to save our wretched souls.

Oh how good and loving and merciful our God is to His own. I feel pity for those that weren’t at the church house last night for what ever reason. I feel badly for those that for one reason or another would have been there if it weren’t for sickness or jobs or the like. And I feel sorry for the ones that chose to miss out on such a blessing that we had last night.

When we truly lift up the Lord in praise and worship Him as we ought to He seems to really make His Holy Spirit felt and known, ever notice that? My God, what a wonderful God you are.

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