A Stale Response

Forgive Them
Image by costales via Flickr

Almost a year ago I posted a question about a tool on the leather guild board that I belong to.  Yesterday I received an answer to that question from a lady.  It was a pretty lengthy and very informative answer at end of which she wrote that she hoped that the reply hadn’t come too late to help me, “far past the stale date.”  She began the email with explaining that the lateness of her reply was due to the death of her daughter about a year ago.  After her daughter’s passing, she had dropped most everything, being to her unimportant then, and was now working her way back through old emails and such.  I could feel the pain in her response as I read it.  I have two children and can not imagine what it would be like to loose one.

This got me to thinking about how God must have felt when He sent His Son to this earth.  In His providence, He knew full well when Jesus came to the world what He had in store for Him.  And I am made to believe that Jesus from the start also knew what He would go through, the pain, suffering, mocking and death He would die.  Jesus suffered and died in our stead, not because He had to but because He wanted to out of His love for us.  God sent Him to do this, not because He had to but because He loved us and desired to provide us a way to be reconciled to Himself through the blood of His Son (John 3:16-17, Rev 1:5).

The love of God truly is fully incomprehensible.

1Jn 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us.

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