New Family Members

Today was a blessed day; we added two new members to our church family. It was a bit extra special I suppose you could say because our new pastor had the privilege of “extending the right hand of fellowship” to them (that’s church-speak for ‘swearing them in’). These are the first new members in a while to add their names to the rolls. And it was a nice thing to see for our new pastor. Though new members, these folks aren’t new to Gethsemane. In fact I had wrongly just figured they were already members. I love them both and am very happy to have them as family, officially now.

Anytime a new person is added to the church it is a joyous occasion. The only more joyous one is when an unsaved person becomes a child of God. That is a much more momentous thing to any Christian to see I think.

It is my prayer that these two new family members are but the beginning of what God has in store for our little church. I pray daily that we will be the light for His kingdom that He’d have us to be. And I ask if you are taking the time to read this that you would remember our little church in your prayers, too.

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2 thoughts on “New Family Members

    • Thank you for asking the question; it is a good one. I think that there are a couple of reasons:

      The first and most important is that our church faithfully teaches and preaches the Word of God. (See our Synopsis of Faith at for more information.)

      We allow the Holy Spirit to dictate our services. Yes, we do have an order we kind of follow. But if the Spirit leads in a bit of a different format/direction, we follow Him (Quench not the Spirit 1Thes. 5:19). We believe that praising our Lord and lifting up His name in worship is the primary reason for coming to services.

      Another reason is the sense of family amongst our members. Our pastor put it best we he said, just the other day, that although he had just come from a great camp meeting (this meeting was Monday last week), he was already looking forward to the Sunday service at our home church. Why? Because when he looked out over the congregation at Gethsemane he saw godly people that he considered family and lived like family. And I think that you would get the same kind of response from all of the members.

      I’m sure there are more reasons I could list but I think this gives a good idea.

      I feel that God allows us all, individually and corporately, to go through different seasons ( And it is my hope and prayer that our little church is entering into a new season, a season “to build up”.

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