Biker Barrette

I’ve made many hair barrettes for folks as gifts, mostly oval shaped and rather simple.  The other day, my wife’s cousin asked me if I could make her one that was for a ‘biker girl’.  I said I would and went to pondering on what I’d make her.

I decided that I wanted to go with something other than the standard oval so I cut out a bar and shield type of shape, to look a little bit Harley-ish.  Then my imagination took over the design process.  This is what I came up with:

Biker Barette

Biker Barette

This is the tooled but unfinished product.  It has two swivel knife cut and beveled borders, a third burnished border with stamping between the second and third borders.  The center has a Tandy 3D stamp with a star-rope stamp on either side.

Finished Barrette

Finished Barrette

Above is the finished product.  It is stained with aged oak Min-Wax gel stain with some neatsfoot oil mixed into it.  I the top coated it with Super Sheene.  The edges are hand burnished as is the back.  The back is also sealed with a wax-based waterproofing product, making the entire barrette waterproofed.

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