Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

The tunnel...

Yesterday I thought I was about over this nastiness.  Last night my streak of two nights sleeping well was broken by bouts of burning up and chilling.  These bouts continue today.  I hope I didn’t see my “tunnel” prematurely.  But tomorrow was the soonest the doctor said I could expect to be over this so perhaps it’ll be better the next 12-24 hours.  I certainly hope so at least.

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Deadly Serious | Relijournal

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We as a society are so preoccupied with the temporal things we often neglect the eternal.  I find this to be true with health, physical verses spiritual, too.  In an article published today I expound on the perils of putting the bodily health above the soul’s well-being.  The article can be read here: Deadly Serious | Relijournal

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A Response to His Love


John 3:16 is probably the most well known and loved verse in the Bible.  While browsing the Internet today I literally stumbled upon a site with a chart comparing Biblical Christianity (Bible-based faith) to what it called “Cultural Christianity”.  It was a very interesting comparison chart that I found I pretty much completely agreed with.  At the end of the page there was a beautiful short piece that reminded me of John 3:16.

A Response to His love:

Praise Him for all that He is to us: Savior, Shepherd, Counselor, King, Wisdom, Righteousness….
Thank Him for all He has promised to do for those who come to Him. Psalm 10
Confess your sins and needs to Him, for He really cares and provides for His own. 1 John 1:9
Choose to trust that He died for your sins and has freed you from its power. Romans 6:6
Receive the gift He offers you: His Holy Spirit to guide and equip you. Romans 8:15-16
Give yourself to Him as your Shepherd and Lord each day. Romans 12:1
Delight in everything that you are and have in Christ! Ephesians 1:3-12


I am so thankful for Your love and the many blessings and promises You give to us, as unworthy as we are.  I pray that each of us will always be keenly aware of all You have done for us.  May we always let our lights shine before men to bring honor and glory to You.

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Is That A Tunnel I See?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - AUGUST 15:  Toddler's Dime...

Yes, I feel like there actually may be a tunnel out there, coming into view, that may have a light at its end. Perhaps I’m about to round the proverbial corner on beating this flu? I think may be!

The last two nights I have actually slept pretty well. My headache is intermittent now, only flaring after reading, watching the TV or looking at the computer screen for what my body decides is “too long”. The pesky cough and chills still reside though. I am glad to report the cough is much less intense and more sporadic now.

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