One Year Ago


One year ago today I found out that I was going to be a grandfather. It wasn’t exactly welcome news at the time: unplanned pregnancy, unmarried couple, way too young, etc. Today I have an entirely different outlook on that day though.

Not long before that, about six months or so, I has no desire to be a grandparent. My nerves didn’t handle little ones well, my patience wasn’t what it once was, and honestly I was sort of looking forward to maybe being an empty nester soon. Then God introduced me to a little girl at church.

This sweet little, well-mannered child melted my heart from the get go. We kind of bonded from the start to my great surprise. Soon I considered her my surrogate granddaughter. My wife later reflected that she was an angel that God used to soften my heart. I can’t agree more.

Fast forward a year: I now have three surrogate granddaughters, have taught a youth leather craft VBS class and loved every minute and every kid, and now have a grandson that I love more than I’d ever thought possible. Oh how wonderful and mysterious His ways are!

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