Peace not Prosperity

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Tonight is a bit of a multi-part writing. I hope you’ll bare with the extra length of this thought.

The verse I chose for our reading today I want to point out something about; it does not read, in any translation except for the NIV, “to prosper you”. Rather is says for peace or welfare in every other major translation; take the time to research it if you’d like. In fact, I hope you do. This is a huge reason that one must be very careful when studying God’s Word of exactly what we are reading.

Now, I realized a few moments ago, out of a sound sleep, that six years ago today (10/28/04) God forever changed my life when I had to have a second back surgery. What was supposed to have been 8-12 weeks recovery time turned into permanent retirement due to unforeseen complications with my condition. The first time I had to have back surgery was pretty life changing, too, but this second time left me with a rather unstable and fragile condition that, barring God’s direct intervention once again, will not change. I say all this for background information, not to complain or look for pity.

Through these physical changes God has brought unto me peace and looked out for my welfare giving me “an expected end”. And I praise Him for it. Had He not wrought about the changes He did in the manner He did I don’t know where I’d be today, perhaps not even alive to write this. But in looking out for my welfare and to bring me true peace He did what He did, or allowed it, however you want to look at it and I’m so grateful He did!

Today I no longer work for a Chevrolet dealer but for the King of kings. Today I have the utmost peace and joy deep inside me from my relationship with my Lord Jesus. And I’m privileged to preach His Word and edify His people the best I know how, through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Now that, my friends, is One Who is looking out for the welfare of His child, giving him that “expected end” or hope, not “prospering” him.

Thank You Father for looking out for me, for leading me, and for being faithful even when I’m not.

Remember me when you pray…

God bless,


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