Church Camp Project

Friday I did a mission project at camp with the kids. Let me start with saying they were an incredible bunch who I grew very fond of, very fast. Any way, they made leather book markers to go with some French New Testaments to the Ivory Coast. The time and attention they put into the project really blessed me; they were all unique, creative, and some thing that anyone would love to have and keep forever.

At the end of the project I realized we were short several from the number I’d brought. Some of the kids asked if they could make one to keep and, since I had more than enough, I said yes. Oh, who am I kidding? I couldn’t have said no to them even if there wasn’t enough, being the “hard shell” that I am. So I said I would make an extra 10-12 and put them into the mix and all was fine.

Later in the afternoon I found out why we were short: some of them had made mistakes and thrown them away. If they had asked me we might have been able to save some of them. But in their eyes the project was ruined, worthless.

Often I think we look at the situations that we are in and think “what a mess I’ve made”. If only we would take the mistake, mess, etc to Jesus and let Him have His say we would be so much better off. While we might have made the mistake, He made us (John 1:3) and can take us as we are, broken, sinful and down trodden, and make us into a brand new creature with a new nature and a heart after His.

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