Sirens in the Distance

This morning I spent some time sitting on our back deck studying the Book of Hebrews. As I was reading I heard sirens coming in the distance. From our house you can heard them going along US Rt. 60 and on the interstate. As I listened I determined that the emergency vehicles were on Rt 60, possibly heading west, not in the interstate. I said a short prayer from whoever the emergency workers were going to and went back to my reading.

I don’t normally, out of habit, pray for someone because I hear a siren; maybe I should but that’s not been my normal reaction. On this occasion I felt promoted to pray though so I did. I later found out the emergency call was for a member of my church family; she is okay after having some relatively minor surgery.

I am not claiming in any way that the short prayer I said made THE difference in her prognosis, though I think all prayers from the heart of God’s children do make a difference in some way. No, the important lesson I took from this is to always heed the Spirit’s promoting.

Generally, when the Lord puts some one on my heart I do what He is prompting: midnight prayers, out of the blue call or email, etc. I know that I fall short on always doing what He wants but I do try. However, how often have I (or you) missed His prompt to do some thing for some one you may not or never know? If it’s once I would say too often.

God’s Word says we are to pray without ceasing. We have many, many examples of folks, the Apostle Paul comes to mind, always or very often praying for the children of God. Shouldn’t we, too, follow this instruction and example no matter what or when the prompting is given? I know I can do better than I have…

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