It’s Worth the Effort

I found this quote in a newsletter I receive:

“It is clear that there must be difficulties for us in a revelation such as the Bible. If someone were to hand me a book that was as simple to me as the multiplication table, and say, ‘This is the Word of God. In it He has revealed His whole will and wisdom,’ I would shake my head and say, ‘I cannot believe it; that is too easy to be a perfect revelation of infinite wisdom.’ There must be, in any complete revelation of God’s mind and will and character and being, things hard for the beginner to understand; and the wisest and best of us are but beginners.” R. A. Torrey

Just think about that statement for a moment. To me it rings crystal clear. The younger we are in age and the faith, the more assistance we need with understanding God’s Word, from both elders and the Holy Spirit. But no matter how long we are privileged to read, study and meditate I don’t think any of us will ever uncover all of the treasures and truths contained in the Bible. That, though, is no excuse to not try, every day, to uncover a little more!

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