Dirty Hands

This evening I got to be the receiver of a few pokes-in-fun from some of my church family. I dish out plenty of pokes and prods so I was due my turn of being prodded I readily admit. But this kind of teasing is a good thing; it’s how family treats one another, having fun in a loving way.

The story is a long one but it ends with the joke of me missing church because I “had dirty hands” and then with my pastor “casually” telling me to study on Psalm 26:6 which reads “I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O LORD:”. We all had some laughs and I expect I’ve not (and may never) heard the end of them.

But the point behind all this was God showing me His sovereignty.Sunday afternoon my day just crashed, after having a wonderful time worshipping and praising the Lord Sunday morning. As it turned out, the crash I thought I was experiencing was just God showing me He is in total control and is taking care of me, even when I don’t understand how He is working things out. The way I thought things were to go Sunday weren’t the way He planned them. And they went as He wanted. I thank Him for reminding me of His sovereign control and for watching out for me, even when I don’t realize it. No, especially when I don’t realize it.

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