Our water pressure dropped off to near nothing today a little after 2:00 pm. I called the water company to see if there was a problem and there was: a water main had broken on our street and a boil-water advisory had just been issued. I out some water on to boil and thought I’d be a good neighbor and update my Facebook status with the advisory for local friends and family to know they needed to do the same.

A few hours later I checked back into my Facebook account and realized that I had written an advisory had “Judy” not “just” been issued. I felt foolish, all the more so because my friend Judy had seen and responded to it. That is what I get for short cutting and not taking time to put on my reading glasses!

You know, as long as we are in this body of flesh we are going to make mistakes: some little one and some big ones. I’m so glad that I know my brothers and sisters will accept and forgive me when this happens. But I’m more glad that my “elder Brother” and Savior will also accept and forgive me and stand as my Advocate before the Father if I will humbly admit my fault, not being too embarrassed (prideful), and ask He do so. Our God is so good, all the time.

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