Assembly Required

This afternoon I sat down to assemble a mini-trampoline that we bought out grandson, Connor, for Christmas. We chose this model because it had very high ratings and reviews; the only negative mentioned (by almost every reviewer) was the difficulty and time to assemble it: average 3 1/2 hours. I was quite pleased when I was about half way done in only 45 minutes. But I knew the hardest part, installing the mat and bungee cord, was still ahead. As I began to study the instruction I noticed that one step was completely impossible to do. No matter what, I was going to have to do this step differently than the instructions because it just couldn’t be done as described.

As I laced the last hole, using my own method, I was pretty pleased with how well I got the thing together. Then I noticed some thing: there was a step right before the “impossible” one that absolutely had to be done first. I was so focused on the unattainable step I missed the necessary first part, causing me to have to unlace the whole thing and start over. I still finished well under the average time of 3 1/2 hours (only 1 1/2) but would’ve been done even quicker if I’d not focused so much on the impossible and went in order.

It seems to me in our walk of faith we tend to focus too much, too often on the “impossible” step as well. How much more growth could we see individually and in the Church if we focused on the Word of God and His promises rather than what we see as the impossible step, what ever it may represent? The Bible tells us that all things are possible with God. The Word promises that we can over come all things through Christ Jesus. We have the hope and promise of some place far better. And we are told if we will be obedient the Comforter will guide us, direct us, never leave us. I could go on and on. If only we would keep our eyes on Jesus and our focus on God’s Word instead of that “impossibility” in our lives we could be so much more of use to our Lord, so much more a help to one another, and see lost sheep brought into the fold. What a mighty and wonderful thing for each one, each church, if only…

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