Experience or Rut?

I found this illustration on the web this evening and found it to be a very sad, but probably too true, thought. We should all examine ourselves to make sure we aren’t falling into the “rut”.

Experience or Rut?

Two teachers once applied for the same vice-principal position at a local high school. One had been teaching a total of 8 years and the other a total of 20 years. Everyone expected the teacher with the greater experience to get the job, but the position was given to the one with 8 years of teaching experience. The passed-over teacher complained bitterly: “I’ve got twenty years teaching to her eight!” he cried. “So obviously, I’m vastly more qualified.” The school board’s reply went like this: “Yes sir, you do have twenty years teaching to her eight, but where she has eight years experience you have one year of experience repeated twenty times.” Simply experiencing the passage of time doesn’t mean we have grown or learned from those things we experience during that time. Too many within the church have simply experienced the passage of time. They attend services, sing the songs, partake of communion, bow their heads during prayer, but they are just going through the motions. They are not enjoying the full experience that God wants us to have with Him.

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