Pastor’s Corner

Pastors Corner 5-27-12

Next week is the start of our revival services. My hope and prayers are that we will see many people saved and they will draw closer to God. The church has a message and it can change the community one person at a time. Paul tells us in Acts 20:21 that he preaches faith and repentance everywhere and to everyone. That was the message that changed peoples lives two thousand years ago and it is the same thing that our people need to hear today. We can have the best speaker God has ever ordained to speak, and we have a very good one in Allen, but unless people hear the word their lives will not be changed. Paul also tells us in Romans chapter 10 how important it is for lost people to hear the preaching of Gods word. Without hearing the word of God they can never be saved because it takes preaching to build faith and without a portion of faith it is impossible for anyone to be saved. Preaching, or the hearing of the word, is the single most important thing in the road to salvation. Knowing what is at stake (people being lost forever) and how important it is (only way lost can build faith) makes it imperative that we get our people out to church.

Pastor Danny

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