Learning Our Craft

Have you ever watched a little boy learning to use a hammer? The lad grasps the hammer near the head of the shaft and is merely able to go “tap, tap, tap,” hardly working the nail into the wood. He has the right tool but no power. Compare the craftsman carpenter as he holds his hammer down at the bottom of the shaft gaining all the leverage he can. His arm goes “bam, bam, bam,” driving nails home using a few swift hard strokes without damaging the surface of the wood. He holds the tool to get the power. And the craftsman continues to grow in strength and skill with each passing year that he remains active in his craft.

This is a good depiction of the Christian’s life: beginning as a babe and progressing toward Christ-like perfection. As we begin our walk of faith our “skill” and knowledge is limited but, as long as we walk faithfully, we become stronger in our faith and knowledge of God and His Word until we reach our reward: seeing Him face to face.

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