Pastor’s Corner

Pastors Corner 6-3-12

I recently read this from 2000 + bible illustrations and thought that it to be appropriate for today.
“Man Overboard!”
“There is a story of an Atlantic passenger lying in his bunk in a storm, deathly sick-seasick. A cry of “Man overboard!” was heard. The passenger thought, “God help the poor fellow. There is nothing I can do.” Then he thought at least he could put his lantern in the porthole, which he did. The man was rescued, and recounting the story the next day, he said, “I was going down in the darkness for the last time when someone put a light in a porthole. It shone on my hand, and a sailor in a lifeboat grabbed my hand and pulled me in.” Weakness is no excuse for our not putting forth all the little strength we have, and who can tell how God will use it?”
We are also attempting this week to rescue lost souls who are drowning in a sea of sin. It is vital that we put forth every effort to get people to attend the revival to hear the word of God and be saved. Who knows, it may be your witness and invitation that may be the light that helps a precious soul be saved. May God bless the church and the revival.

Pastor Danny

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