Pastor’s Corner

Pastors Corner 6-10-12
People are always temping fate by doing things without thinking. This thought came from something my darling wife done the other night. She was making herself a cup of instance macaroni and cheese. Well immediately after she took it out of the microwave with steam coming out of the cup. She set in on the counter and for some reason she had to touch one of the macaronis with her finger to see if it was done. Well you guessed it, she burn her finger and looked at me and said, “ouch.” I have to admit, I did fine it a little amusing. She had made one of those dumb decisions that we all do at times without thinking it through and regretted it instantly. For her the result this time was a slightly burned finger, but a lot of times rash decisions cause real pain and suffering. They can result in hurt feelings, wounded pride, and even physical harm. The person making the decision never intended to hurt the other person and no matter how much we believe that the other person should have known better, sometimes it actually is a case of where they just did not think. Christ tells us how to handle this by being forgiving and realizing that we are all prone to bad judgment sometimes. I think that Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31(Golden Rule) should apply especially in this case. May God bless.

Pastor Danny

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