Are You Jesus to Others?

I have read different versions of this story before but this evening I found what I think is the actual account of what happened. I hope you enjoy it.

Are You Jesus to Others?
– Author: Wayne Norton Coffeyville, KS

Several years ago, Dr. John Claypool was the senior pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He was very much in demand as a speaker. Dr. Claypool came to a train terminal to catch a waiting train for a speaking engagement. Ahead of Dr. Claypool was a hurried businessman who was navigating through the crowd like a football player. The man was just ahead of Dr. Claypool when he rounded a corner. A disabled little boy had a table with candy, gum, and other snacks. The businessman knocked the little boy and his table to the terminal floor. The table spilled merchandise everywhere. The businessman looked at the crying little merchant and cursed him for being in the way. Dr. Claypool stopped, picked up the chair, sat the little boy in it, handed him a handkerchief, and began to retrieve all the scattered merchandise and money. After the boy was “back in business,” Dr. Claypool handed him a twenty dollar bill. The little boy stopped crying and said, “Mister, are you Jesus Christ?” Dr. Claypool smiled and replied, “No, son, I’m not. I am just trying to do the things that He would do if He were here.” Ministry is doing what Jesus would do and being what Jesus would be if He were in our shoes. Ministry is living out one’s faith.

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