A Happy Ending

I heard a story about on old stray dog today that I wanted to share with you. This old dog was hanging around these folks home in the country. He wasn’t friendly at all, but rather nervous and shy. The man said that he figured the dog had been abused and it was obvious it was neglected. The woman was scared of the dog though and wanted it gone. Somehow they decided to shoot it to be rid of it, a choice I completely disagreed with.

Anyway, they baited the poor old fellow with some food and while it was eating took a shot at him, which missed. I guess the dog must’ve been starving because he was only slightly alarmed, stopping to look around a moment, and then going back to the food. A second shot rang out and also missed, which sent the dog running for his life. A third and final shot also missed its mark before the dog disappeared over the hill.

The next day the lady when the lady came home from work that old dog was back. But today he sheepishly greeted her at her car. Timidly the lady touched the dog who then wagged his tail. This was probably the first affection the old dog had received in a long while and it was from the hand that tried to kill him only a few hours before. Happily the dog is still around, being fed and petted on a regular basis now.

The man asked me what I thought about the dog and I said “Well, I think you ought to have tried making friends and feeding him before shooting at him”.

I wondered how many times we have done similar things to people we come into contact with in our lives? Jesus said that the way we treat others is how we treat Him; in our actions we show just how close our fellowship with God really is, not so much as in our words.

How did you treat the last “old dog” that you came across?

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