Almost Tame

Monday evening my wife and I took our grandson out to a local lake to enjoy some relaxing family time. We had a great evening together watching the other folks, seeing the boats on the water, and playing on the huge playground near the marina at Beech Fork Lake.

You probably have already realized that I’m a nature lover: birds, flowers, animals, all of it. Well, as I suppose most three year olds are, Connor is, too; I can’t say if he likes the animals or the old, dead trees best though! Monday we saw lots of animals out after the heat of the day had settled and dusk approached. There were two that caught our attention more than the rest: a young deer and a raccoon. Both of these creatures were unusually carefree of our presence. In fact, I told Billie that they were so accustomed to people that they were probably almost tame. In case you’re wondering, we didn’t press our luck and test my theory.

I don’t know what Heaven holds for us; the Bible tells us it is beyond our comprehension and imagination. But I can imagine a place where every thing is in perfect peace and harmony. Imagine that the beautiful creatures we admire but can’t approach here on Earth, like the deer and raccoon, we’re truly tame and not only would let us approach them but desire it. I can imagine a place much like the Garden where all is perfect and free of sin, death, and disease, a place where we will walk with God in perfect fellowship for evermore. I can imagine all this and more. Yet God’s Woes says it will be so much more, so much better than I can imagine. Makes me look all the more forward to seeing it someday. Until that day though I, and you, have a work to do, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to dark and dismal world so that they too may have the hope to look forward to that we can only imagine.

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