Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner 10-7-2012

Who am I?

I am not directly in the lineage of David but indirectly I am in the lineage. I have known both jubilation and tragedy. I have gone from a family of six to a family of three and from a family of three to a family of two and from the family of two back to a family of four. Once in my life I was full (had enough) and then I became poor. At the end of my life I lived in wealth, but was not wealthy. In the span of 10 years I went from being pleasant to being bitter, back to being pleasant. My best friend is no kin to me, but they love me like a son and I love them like they were my own child. God made a way for me to celebrate a marriage in my old age and redeem that which I had once sold. The marriage resulted in a son and I was once again called blessed. Who am I?


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