Pastor’s Corner

Pastors Corner 11-25-2012

The answer to last weeks riddle was Jared and he lived to be nine hundred and sixty two years old. It is Thanksgiving as I set down to write this weeks pastor’s corner. I thought that I would set down and make a simple list of things that I was thankful for. This proved to be a more difficult task than I had imagined. I have a good house, car, and a truck, but although I am thankful for them they were not even closed to being at the top of my list. It is not material things that I am the most thankful for; it is relationships with God, church, friends, family and how that they work together to bring true joy into my life. Material things can be bought everyday, but relationships take time to development and get better everyday. A close relationship with God makes the other relationships much better in our lives. Jesus taught us (Mathew chapter 6) that looking beyond the literal/material things and seeking after God will bring us life’s true treasures.


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