New Year, New Resolution

Well, the new year is a few days old now and I really should have written this blog a few days before the old one left us. But “life” and procrastination got in the way and it didn’t get done. This thought has been on my mind for a couple of weeks so I really have no excuse, to be completely honest, for not getting it done. So, now it’s time to see if I can get it into words…

I have been thinking about all of the things that we become resolute to do in the New Year: We say we are going to be better, do better, improve “this” and “that”, you know all the resolutions. And yet after a short time, days or weeks, we don’t “do” any of them; yes, we try for a while but then we give up and go back to whatever it was we had so hoped to improve upon.

It is my prayer, for myself, for you, for the church universal, that we stop trying: Stop trying to read more, study regularly, attend worship more faithfully, pray without ceasing, stop trying all of it. I pray that we will just do itGod’s Word tells us that nothing is impossible with or for God. The Bible teaches is that we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us. The Word tells us over and over to be obedient, even when it isn’t comfortable for us, and just do what God leads us to do.

In the Book of John, the second chapter, the Bible tells us about a wedding at Cana. The beginning of the account (that’s correct account, not story) tells us of a lack of wine for the guests. Mary, Jesus’ mother, tells the servants there to do whatever Jesus tells them to do. And they did. They took six large pots, empty vessels that were capable of holding about 30 gallons each, and filled them. Jesus then turned the water into wine, His first earthly miracle. These servants were privileged to be a part of that miracle because they did what he said; they did not make excuses, whine or moan, they moved. These pots had to be heavy; water weighs about eight pounds/gallon, multiplied by 30, makes the contents alone 240 pounds per vessel and I imagine they vessels must have been 20 or more pounds themselves, totally, perhaps, 300 pounds per water pot! I can think of all kinds of excuses, though we would call them reasons, for the servants to not want to undertake this task: Surely this is a silly idea, they are too heavy, we can try but it won’t be easy, we need more help, etc, etc. I imagine you can hear the excuses coming forth in your own head, can’t you? All the reasons why they could try but probably won’t succeed. But the servants didn’t do that. No, they did as Jesus instructed them.

What do you suppose we could accomplish for the Kingdom, for our Lord, if we just did instead of “trying”? In the book of Acts it says that the Apostles, twelve men, turned the world upside-down. God’s Word says that He is the same yesterday, today and forever more; the same God that worked through those men has the same power to work through us today. Are we willing, like those men and women of old, to act  and let Him work through us today? I pray we are. And I ray we do.

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