Pastor’s Corner

Pastors Corner 1-27-13

Over the last few weeks the Trustee’s and other members of the church have been doing some remodeling work in the basement. Paul and Jeffery scrubbed and waxed the fellowship building’s floor last week and we are getting closer to getting the televisions up and working in the main church. As I was thinking about the work being done at the church a scripture in Nehemiah came to mind. Nehemiah 4:6 tells that the people had a mind to work. This scripture pertained to the physical work of rebuilding the wall at Jerusalem after it was destroyed by Chaldeans. They worked long and hard to rebuild the wall, but not everyone was able to actually lay the wood beams. The people did whatever job they could, according to their talents, to support the actual building of the wall. This led me to the thought that there is always a job for me and you to do around the church and it does not have to be physical. Praying, visiting, cleaning, giving, and witnessing are just as essential to the health of the church as driving a nail. I believe that God looks on effort and sincerity and not the type of job we are doing.

Pastor Danny

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