Joyful: a #BeWoW Post

I wanted to share the joy I experienced on Easter; it is posted on my other blog as part of a series of bloggers sharing inspiration and uplifting. I hope you enjoy it.

Potholes in the Road of Life

The #BeWoW post series is one I’ve been meaning to take part in for weeks and today I’m finally getting to it. The idea is to post something positive or inspiring and stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday; this series was started by Ronovan Writes and you can find more on the #BeWoW challenge here.

Since our kids are adults now we celebrate Easter a little differently than we have in the past. Every other year we have our grandson on Easter and on those years we do the Easter Bunny and basket, hide eggs, and all that jazz for him; we also have a big, home-cooked meal when he is here – ham – to pass on our family tradition, like we did with our children when they were young. The years we don’t have him with us we skip all of the “activities” and have dinner out…

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