Experiencing God

Skeptics abound in the world today, an irrefutable fact. The Bible says they are blinded to the truth. But through prayer and carefully chosen loving words they can be reached. This is an attempt of ,Ike to do just that. Pleased feel free to share it as the Lord leads you.

Loose Him and Let Him Go

For me, knowing God, knowing He is who He says He is, knowing I’m one of His children is both easy and complex. I can show you the Scriptures, written over a period of several thousand years, thatsaywhat I know. I can tell you how long before any “religion” exisisted Hewasand how before “religions” that claim to be the oldest in existence are merely models of the Law God gave (first only one, to Adam, then more to Moses). I calltellyou all of this but I can’t truly express what I know andfeelinside of me. I can’t fully explain how it feels to know the Holy Spirit has touched you, that the Creator of everything that was, is, and will be answers my pleas to Him, the joy and peace inside me I have knowing I have been made new, born again…

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