Blessings in Disguise: #BeWoW

This post was written as a part of the #BeWoW blogosphere movement started by Ronovan Writes. More on the idea can be found on his website.

Today was our semi-annual community rummage sale. The last few times we’ve not participated for various but today we did; we had a lot of “stuff” that needed weeded out! 

The professional “rummage rats” as I call them are always an annoyance, if not outright both, to deal with. You know the ones: they show up an hour (or more) before the sale starts and want to cherry pick everything and offer 10-cents on an item you paid $12 for and are asking $2 for now. But I digress … I enjoy interacting with the “other” folks quite a lot. And I tend to do fairly well in part because I make jokes, am honest and friendly. 

My wife, on the other hand, does well, too – giving away everything she prices! I usually send her away during the sale. LOL 

I had a pair of hand embroidered, framed and matted ladies handkerchiefs for sale today; they were easily worth more than double the $5/each I priced them for; they were old but pristine. From behind me I hear my wife tell someone they are $1! I spun around to correct the mistaken to see a fragile older lady who seemed to love them. So I backed up and said “But since my wife made the mistake I’ll honor the price”. She was overjoyed to hear that. 

As she shopped a little more, picking out nothing else; I suspect she had little more to spend, I felt a prompt from the Holy Spirit. I had another framed old parchment with a prayer printed on it in ornate script. I handed it to her and asked what she thought of it. She read it slowly, carefully and smiled as she finished it. 

“I love it.”

“It’s yours,” I told her.


“Because God said you’ll enjoy and treasure it.”

A huge smile followed by a teary hug and “I will” followed as I handed it to her.

I don’t know why He prompted me to do that but clearly, to me, it was His will and she appreciated it. I told my wife the money means nothing compared to that hug and smile. 

Follow the leading of the Spirit every chance you get (I try but often fall short). In my experience you and someone else will be greatly blessed if you will. Be Wonderful this Wednesday … and every time you have the chance, it really could make someone’s day, week, shucks, even life a little better.  


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