9 thoughts on “Romans‬ ‭12:9, 21‬ 

      • Hmm, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that doesn’t amuse Him; watching us trip over them probably does though! LOL

      • Well, He and I have an interesting relationship–it’s not like I really get away with anything; more like a kid skipping the parts of a homework assignment she’d rather not do…eventually, I still have to read ALL the verses, like ’em or not, and do my best to Obey.

      • I meant to say I bet the skipped ones cause chastising but forgot! I know that’s how it works with me 🙂 I often pray for Him to use a stick not a ball bat to get my attention

      • Well, I know with me, He uses the Shepherd’s crook–He knows I’m a bruised reed, and that I respond well and quickly to His gentleness. If not, I can look forward (or not) to “remedial” lessons…. 🙂 I hope my years of painful chastising are over, that I’ve grown smarter with age…

      • Lots of guys are…..and some sisters 🙂 (He has managed to turn my stubborn streak into a good thing sometimes–how ’bout that for Amazing Grace and Holy Spirit power?!)

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