3 thoughts on “Jeremiah‬ ‭31:25

  1. Ohhh, marvelous word, Brother!! I hear the Lord nudging me: “That’s a Promise, Little Girl!” Oooh, I’m revved up now!! Don’t know if you’re familiar with Rev Samuel (Sammy) Rodriguez, but he was guest pastor at Gateway/Southlake TX/Pastor Robt Morris–and his message was “Blessed to Be Light”. “We cannot remain silent, worried about being politically correct–there’s ONLY ONE WAY, JESUS.” And the prayer was that our boldness would increase…I definitely want more of that, Amen! God bless you and the fam, Greg

      • He’s Hispanic, I think from Los Angeles–I didn’t recognize him either, but he was introduced as one of the “movers and shakers” in the evangelistic circle, travels all over to speak/preach. I couldn’t take notes fast enough, had planned to go to the 2nd service too, but my laptop isn’t cooperating… 😦

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