10 thoughts on “2 Corinthians‬ ‭9:8‬ 

  1. I SO love this verse–years ago when I “tested, or tasted” to see if God really was this good, I experienced more JOY than I’d known in my life. Each day I’m still filled with flabbergasted gratitude that God provides for me SO Generously, Abundantly–and there’s just nothing like the feeling of being able to give His abundance away, nothing like it 🙂 God bless you BIG!

    • I know what you mean … and it’s truly wonderful.

      This might belong on the other conversation but it popped in my head just now. I was just this afternoon telling my son how much I appreciate God so often providing my “wants” but am much more grateful that He always has and will provide for my NEEDS!

      • YES! I’m ever amazed when He provides “wants” too! I come from a long life of not thinking I deserve anything extra–so it’s been beyond amazing to learn it’s not about what I deserve, it’s about how GREAT the Father’s LOVE is for us; He’s never stingy like some human parents can be. He’s delighted to give me grocery store roses on a frequent basis, “just because He loves me” (as roses are not really a necessity!).

      • LOL hadn’t thought of it like that. It does seem more fun this way 😉 I don’t understand why it switches certain words and butchers others; because it can I suppose LOL

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