3 thoughts on “Psalm 19:1 

  1. Oooh, isn’t that lovely to imagine when we get Home–the view from here just won’t compare! My share today is from Heb 2:18–that because Christ suffered being tempted, He’s able to “succor” us when we are. I’m pondering that from a very personal place…I don’t think Jesus had depression and wanted to end His life; and yet I’m certain He meant this verse to cover ANY temptation–so I pray He’ll keep picking me up and dragging me from one day to the next. I think it was Joseph Prince, last night, who was talking about worry–fretting about the future; and that we need to remember God provides manna for each day–not a supply for 3 months from now, or 6, or 9. It’s so hard, yet I know this is HIS TRUTH–manna and whatever we need for “this day”, and faith to believe He’ll be serving it up again tomorrow, just like yesterday and everyday 🙂 Requesting continued prayers, in trade for the ones I send up for you, Bro 🙂

    • Sending and receiving daily between us and I know if makes a difference; lovely to know another Saint is making supplication for you I think.

      When Jesus prayed in the Garden He was facing certain death and knew it. So I am sure that, if nothing else, covers that “thought”, don you think?

      And I know what you mean about having to sometimes consciously remind oneself that it is indeed a daily supply. But it’s also freshly renewed daily! That helps me a lot and often.

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