I found this in my blog feed and just had to share it:

Thankfulness – Day 16

Dear Lord, Today I thank You for hardships, hurts, and sorrows. The pain in my life has led me to You where I found peace and comfort. During the storms of my life You were always there. I am a stronger person today because you have been by my side and led me through each […]

hardships, Sorrow, trials, brokenhearted


5 thoughts on “Thankfulness 

  1. It’s true–our need makes us reach for Him; He’s the soft landing when we’re in deep pain that would break us.

    PS: before I drive myself completely nuts with fretting, have I offended you in some way? J Sis

    • Goodness, no! I am in a very busy time right now; this entire week is going to be just dreadful. And last week I irritated my back and was down from Tuesday through Saturday; not fun 😦 I will be back to “my normal” soon I hope, maybe by next week. Prayers appreciated always and this next 10 days or so especially. Love ya Sis! 🙂

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