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Worship is the feeling and the expression of honoring my God. I’m influenced by the standard hymns I sang in  protestant churches and in choirs.

This is a YouTube video composed of “225 Greatest Hymns, Praise and Worship Music, and Spiritual Songs Ever Compiled.” Hours of enjoyment, clear words and voices with good news.

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Up High!

by George Everard, “Up High!” (1884)
Two lads were once talking together about their teachers in the Sunday school.

“You should be in our class,” said one boy, “our teacher knows so much!”
“You should be in our class,” said the other, “our teacher loves so much!”

In which class do you think most children would prefer to be?

“If I can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge–but have not love, I am nothing.”
1 Corinthians 13:2