Last week my iPhone crashed out on me. There was no warning, no “signs”, it just stopped working. Luckily I had backed it up only a day or so earlier while working on a Power Point presentation for our Youth Church service. But I was smart phone-less for several very long days. During that time I realized just how dependent I am on this wonder-gadget. Last fall I went on an intentional iFast while we were in the mountains with another couple from church. But while I was there I still was able to use it for my daily devotional reading and a few other tasks. This time around I couldn’t do any thing with it.

We are blessed to be the first generation to have such unfettered access to God’s Word; I have an entire study library on my phone! Any place we can access the Internet we can read multiple translations of the Bible, search dictionaries and concordances, and read many different commentaries and articles. Today almost everyone has web-enabled device and even more have home web access. And yet we are among the most biblically ignorant, biblically illiterate (US citizens) people on the earth. And we are, by and large, much less biblically knowledgeable than our parents and grandparents. Pitiful…

We have tools that were never before available, communication methods not even dreamed of in my grandparents time, and the most wonderful and important message in history to share, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and yet there are so many who don’t know Him.

When it comes to God’s Word, we stand without excuse for not putting in the time and effort it takes to know it. We have the tools but lack the love for Him that He has for us. That’s truly pitiful.