Remembering Mothers

Originally written and published my me on our church website.

Today being Mother’s Day, I thought it appropriate to visit the topic of the holiday’s history and touch on mothers in general just a bit.

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in Grafton, WV, in 1908, not too far from where we are located, though the movement had started to recognize mothers a few years earlier. Ever since we have set aside a day to celebrate all our mothers do for us during the year and in our lives, much of which is loving sacrifice on their part for us. In my mind, mothers, grandmothers, and all mother-figures, including women who have been spiritual-mothers, if you will, should be included in this honor. And we ought to make certain we are honoring them daily as we can, not just the cliché card and flowers of the holiday (not that any of us are guilty of that LOL!)

We should also remember our true spiritual Mother: the church; as the Bride of Christ, the church is also a mother-type to every Christian. She is responsible for much of our nurturing, growth, and, yes, discipline. Without the influences of Mother Church, just like without our human mothers, we would, I truly believe, be all too easily swayed off the path our Lord, the Bridegroom, would have us to be on.

So, as thousands of saints gather today in various locations, participating in worship and praise of God, honoring Him and mom, let us also give thanks for Mother Church and the often overlooked essential role she plays in our lives.

May God richly bless you all this day and every day.

Pastor’s Corner

Pastors Corner 5-13-2012

It seems like only a few days ago that we were celebrating Mother’s Day and I wish I had the words to tell each of the women in the church how important you are to your family and to the church. Like your immediate family the church does not always tell you how much we appreciate your service and dedication to the church. No matter how the church honors you today, I do not think that it will express the true gratitude we feel for you in our hearts. It will just plainly not be enough recognition for your service to your family and the church. God has honored you with one of the greatest gifts given to mankind, the ability to bear children in the image of God. This gift is closely behind the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ or even the gift of life itself. God himself tells us the price on your service to your husband, family, and fellow man is far greater than precious jewels. With all this said, I would like to make a feeble attempt to thank you on behalf of the church for your love and service to everyone. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

Pastor Danny