IE Day 2012

April 29, 2012, is slated as Internet Evangelism day and it is quickly approaching. But there is still plenty of time for you and your church to get involved! Here is a list of 14 ways churches and individuals can make a digital-difference.

With the proliferation of web-enabled devices, especially smart phones, we have today everyone can and should share the Good News of Jesus Christ. And it is way easier than you might think. So, take five minutes out today, read through the idea and articles that the IE Day folks have amassed and jump in: only good will come from it.

Specialist Divers

Not long ago I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel about divers that specialize in underwater repairs. It started, I think, with a group of Navy divers who were trained to make emergency repairs. These divers had to leave the comfort and safety of the ship to do their job, job that many lives depended upon. It was cold, dangerous work but so very necessary to the fleet, especially during war-time.

We are in a war today: a spiritual war. And as much today as any time in history disciples of Jesus Christ are under attack. The attacks come from all angles, all places, from where we, often, are least likely to look or think about. Like the specialists divers, there are times when we need to leave the comfort and safety of our “boats” and get in the water. Just like those Naval divers, we have to go to the problem even if it’s out of our comfort zone and address it directly. The cargo and supplies and people the Navy protect are very important. But the eternal cost of the lives that our enemy is assailing are so, so much more important.

In this New Year, I pray that we all, the Church, will find the courage, the desire, and the drive to get out of the boat and do the job at hand. The cost of not doing so is just too high to bare.

Amp’d Up and Ready to Go!

In a little while I’ll be leaving out for a local event (Amp’d for Christ).  It is a two-day event with praise and worship music, preaching, and much more, all aimed at the 30-ish and under crowd.  I am blessed to be a small part of this event; I’ll be manning an outreach table, witnessing and giving away tracts.  I have some 1500 neat (not your “ordinary” tract-stuff) tracts and would be ecstatic if I were to give them all out.  This is the first year for this event, with the hopes of it being an annual one.

Please remember this event and the outreach table in your prayers.  I know God will use it, us, and the materials as He sees fit.  But the intercession of the saints can only help the increase He will see.