Psalm 23

Psalms 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

“One Sunday morning the pastor asked all the kids if any of them knew the 23rd Psalm. Several raised their hands but one intrigued the pastor: a little golden-hair girl of about four years old. He called her up front and asked if she was sure she knew the whole Psalm. Her curly locks bounced as she confidently shook her head yes. So, the pastor asked her to recite it for the congregation. Boldly she proclaimed “The Lord is my Shepard and that’s all I want!”. With a huge smile the pastor beamed “Well, she certainly has the concept of the text right”. ”

Truly, what more can we ask? The true and living God looks over us, cares for us, and is with us every minute. He knows our needs before we ask, I dare say even before we know of them. How good it is to be counted among His flock!

Red Mike

Galatians 6:10a As we, therefore, have opportunity, let us do good unto all men.

A few weeks ago my pastor gave a message on reaching out to someone (he used the fictitious character of Red Mike as his example) in our lives that though we might have interacted with for a long time we had not witnessed to them. It could be anyone: friend, family, neighbor, etc.

When I came across this story I thought it illustrated the “Red Mike” theory much better than I could in a short note. I hope it strikes a chord with you; it did me.

“A writer in the Sunday School Times tells how, during a season of revival, a friend was praying one evening for a certain unconverted neighbor. After this manner he prayed: “O Lord, touch him with Thy finger, Lord!” The petition was repeated with great earnestness, when something said to him: “You are the finger of God. Have you ever touched your neighbor? Have you ever spoken a single word to him on the question of salvation? Go now and touch that man, and your prayer shall be answered.” It was a voice from the throne. God’s servant arose from his knees self-condemned. He had known the man to be impenitent for a quarter of a century, yet he had uttered not a word of warning. Hundreds of opportunities had come and gone, but the supreme question of life had been set aside for such topics as “the weather,” “the latest news,” “politics,” “trade,” etc. His first duty as a Christian had been left undone.”

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