New Territory

This past Sunday night, the 24th, was my appointed Sunday evening to preach. The Lord had given me the text, John 2 on the first miracle, several days in advance so I had plenty of time to study. The message was on the old verses new covenants, and then the marriage that began His ministry and the one that will conclude it.

The content led me into some verses from the book of Revelation. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you know that this is not my strong point, so to speak. After the service I told one of my brothers that k had ventured into uncharted waters in that sermon. But the Lord lead me there so I went, not with great comfort but with confidence in Him.

Of course on the way home the devil began his rotten and devious work, telling me what a terrible job I’d done and that no one was able to make heads nor tails out of what I said, etc. Thankfully Monday God saw fit to provide me some encouragement through folks that had heard the message and received some thing from it.

As I reflected on this message and the texts that I was given to use I realized something: God had put me out there in those “uncharted waters” to stretch me and to grow me. I’m well aware that He has a purpose behind every thing He does. But I’m so glad that at times He lets us see a bit of that purpose, as a way of telling us “Child, I did that for you and here’s a little of why I did…”.

He is so very good, all the time!

He is Faithful

2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.

Tonight I was blessed to have my first preaching appointment, having announced my calling last week to my home church. I’m still in awe that God would see fit to use me for such a position. And I’m humbly grateful that He finds me useful for anything to further His Kingdom.

My text was mostly the third chapter of 2 Thessalonians. The above referenced verse brought a thought to mind, one I don’t think I had earlier. I remember once hearing a fellow say to an older gentleman “I don’t believe there really is a devil”. The older man replied “Try resisting him a while, then tell me you don’t believe he’s real”.

There’s no doubt that Satan is real. There’s also no doubt that he’s looking to trip each one of us up every chance, in divers ways, that he can. But, praise God, our Lord is faithful and all powerful. We may still have many battles to fight but Jesus has already secured the victory! Just hold fast to Him; He will never fail you.

May God bless you,