Hatfields and McCoys

The Hatfields and McCoys

The highly advertised and, for some, long awaited, History Channel mini-series “The Hatfields & McCoys” wrapped up last night. I know that my wife, Billie, and I, as well as many of our friends and family, we’re glued to the tv, either live or via DVR, for the three two-hour episodes. From what I have seen and heard (Facebook comments, etc) it seems that everyone enjoyed and learned from it. One of my friends even commented Wednesday night that they were glad and sad to see the final episode finally air.

This evening Billie and I were discussing the show and some of what it depicted. Overall we both really liked the series and thought it was a good production. But we also both agreed that the first episode, Monday night, was the best of the three. Billie commented that it was a shame that all six hours weren’t as good as the first two. And I agreed that Monday night set a high bar for the show, one that would’ve been tough to meet the next two nights.

You know, there are a lot of things that we see in this life that are filled with all kinds of hype and publicity. Many times the actual things or events fall well short of our expectations, ones that have been heighten by the “generated” enthusiasm around it. One other thing I know: after this life there awaits a place that we can’t even imagine it is so perfect and pure, Heaven is where I speak of, of course. For those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, there’s a place to go that will more than surpass all of our thoughts and dreams. It’s no wonder Paul wrote “to die is gain” for it surely is for those that are covered by His blood.