The Curve

There was a certain science teacher that was infamous for always grading his students on “the curve”, giving the highest test score a 100% and raising the other scores by an equal number of points that the highest score got raised to make it a perfect score. This practice encouraged many students to slack on their studies, with everyone doing pretty well once “the curve” was applied with no real effort.

Halfway through the semester a new student was transferee into one of these classes. She didn’t care for the system and studied hard to actually learn the material and earn a good grade. The results were terrible for the other students with many of them failing the semester. The new student scored near perfectly on every test, thereby negating “the curve”.

Sometimes I think our people believe that God is going to be like this teacher, comparing one’s behavior in this life to another; if so-and-so is better than such-and-such they will make the “cut”. Well, you know what? That is exactly true. Yes, you read that right; that is correct. There is one thing folks forget about this “system” that we’ll be compared on: the One we’ll be compared to is Jesus. And no one can come close to the perfect life He led and then laid down for each of us.

The good news then? We don’t have to live up to His unattainable perfection. We only have to accept the gift He has so lovingly provided for us: life eternal through and by His shed blood.

Leviticus 19:2b

Ye shall be holy: for I the LORD your God am holy.

Drawing to a Close

C Street Vacation Bible School

VBS is quickly drawing to a close, only two more nights left. I find myself wondering if I’m looking forward to it ending or wishing it wouldn’t.

On the one hand I am tired, physically. Each night I find myself being the last one ready to go, about 30 minutes later than everyone else and holding up the Brother who heads up VBS. The last two days I’ve needed to go over to the church for a few hours in the afternoon to clean up and do touch up work on projects. And then there are the ‘special’ requests from kids not in my class for items that I just can’t refuse.

On the other hand, I’m having a ball. I so enjoy watching the kids work and see them create items for themselves. And then there’s the little ones who are enthralled with the whole process and so interested, too. I should say many adults are also very interested in the leather-work as well. And we can’t forget the wonderful Bible lessons each night! There is just so much fun, fellowship and learning that I hate to see it end.

Kind of makes me look forward to next summer already….

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