Sweet Little Lies

When I was a teenager there a popular song by Stevie Nicks that was called Tell Me Lies. Part of the chorus went something like ‘tell me lies, sweet little lies, tell me lies’. As best as I remember it, the song had a sublime, kind of seductive melody to it.

We have an enemy that will try these same tactics with us: Satan. He will try to, in a subtile way, whisper all kinds of doubts to us. He will try to talk you into staying home Sunday night and from mid-week services. “Oh, no on will miss you it you aren’t there. And besides you have so much to else to do”, are a few of his lines.

Thankfully we have another Voice to guide us, in the right and proper direction. Of course there is a small catch: We have to be willing to listen for and to that Voice. The Bible and prayer are direct lines to hear God Himself speaking to you.

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Who’s That?

As I was leaving the grocery store today I heard a vaguely familiar voice say, “See you later, Greg.” Though I sort of recognized the voice, I had to turn around and scan the crowd to see for certain who it was that called out to me. It was an old friend from middle school and an employee at the store that I often see there; no wonder it was kind of familiar yet not so much that I immediately knew her voice, since I don’t have real regular conversations with her.

This reminded me of something an old preacher said last week at one of the camp meetings. He said he is often asked by folks how to know for sure it’s God when they feel they are being led to do something. His answer was probably more complete than this but at least part of it was if it contradicts the Word “leave it alone; it’s not of God.”

Scripture teaches us to try the spirits. And we know that the devil is a cunning, liar who uses deception to try to lead us off course and away from God’s will. I believe if we are daily consuming the Bread, drinking in the Water of Life, through reading the Bible and conversing with God through prayer, it is much harder for the “father of lies” to distract us from our real Father.

Just as I had a harder time knowing the voice of my friend at the grocery store because we aren’t in regularly in touch, if I’m not regularly in touch with my Lord it would be harder to know His voice from that of the enemy’s.

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Greg Wolford


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