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After becoming medically disabled I missed working something awful, pretty much every day I missed it. But thankfully the Lord has seen fit to reshape me into a tool He sees fit to use for His own purpose.

God has blessed me with some bit of a gift for working with words and a little knowledge and understanding of Internet usage. He has also given me a desire to study and learn more about His Word and some ability to comprehend it. I am very thankful for the talents and gifts He has granted me. And I am even more thankful and humbled to have an opportunity to serve the Lord in what ever way He wants.

Do not misunderstand me; I am not trying to portray myself as a Biblical scholar, or as having any ’special’ ability. I only know that He has given me a few gifts, some talent and I want to use what He has seen fit to give me toward building His Kingdom, bringing glory and honor to Him, and doing His will in my life. I consider it an honor to serve Him in any capacity but am very humbled to have been chosen to teach and preach His Word; if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be working with kids from ages 5-16 every week I would have said that you were crazy … or didn’t know me very well!  But here I am today, an independent ordained minister working with kids. God works wonders in our lives if we allow Him!

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One thought on “The Author

  1. Keep your hands on the keyboard. In case you should know, Apostle Paul wrote most of his epistles while in prison. And I guess God can use you even in your disability.

    You are blessed.

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