More Harm than Good

There’s very little on television I find worth watching any more. It seems that most programming today is void of, well, any thing close to any substance. I find the continuing trend toward “reality” shows almost unbearable with a very few exceptions. One reality show I some times watch is about some really gifted gunsmiths; they make some really neat weapons. However, I find it more and more difficult to watch them because of their actions: they use foul language with about every other breath and then show themselves in a circle of prayer!

In the Book of Romans Paul said that the Roman believers “blaspheme the name of God among the Gentiles” with their actions. I think that the folks in this program do the same thing; how much honor do they bring to the Lord with their profanity followed by prayer? None. If we act as the world and then proclaim the Name of Christ we are harming the cause of God, just as those addresses by Paul were doing.

I know that you have all read or heard that “the only Bible most folks see is your life” and it is true. When one claims Christ and then lives like the devil they are showing the world exactly what the world so desires to see: a hypocrite. And we wonder at times why lost people say if so-and-so is good enough to make it to Heaven so am I!

Think about it…