Yes, I’m back to feeling, what is for me, pretty much normal again. I’ve been out of “quarrantine” since Friday and have gotten out of the house a few times now. It is good to be able to get out and about. Having been confined for much longer periods of time that this episode, I am very thankful for when I’m not confined for what ever reason.

The Lord saw fit to let me fulfill my obligation as the Sunday School sub. I’m thankful for that as well as the opportunity to serve Him and the church in that capacity. Though I do have to admit I feel I probably profit much more from it than the church does. I plan to write about the lesson this coming week. I figure in hindsight I’ll be able to present it better than I did this morning.

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Scare Mongering

Helpful swine flu sign
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I can’t believe the hype generated by the H1N1 virus. I was recently informed about a speaker in our area that is telling folks that the swine flu is part of prophetic fulfillment of Revelation. I believe this type of thing is pure scare-mongering and is leading to more worry and anxiety than is due. I can’t help but wonder if ‘speaker’ such as this are only promoting an agenda: Their wallet.

I wrote an article about H1N1 that I think addresses some of the hype and also some real facts about it and how to minimize the spread of the virus. It can be read online at:

It appalls me that our churches are being used as a forum to spread fear. And it saddens me that folks unwittingly are being taken in by these kinds of people. I implore you, when you hear a teaching, search the Scriptures for yourself and see if it lines up with God’s Word or if it is being distorted into another message.

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Swine Flu: Pandemic or Panic-demic?

Don't Panic: Swine Flu in Proportion
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A pretty comprehensive article on the influenza pandemic of the H1N1 virus. The author contends that over hyped accounts are leading to panic, not solutions and offers good advice and solutions, as well as rational insight, on the situation and virus. A must read!

Swine Flu: Pandemic or Panic-demic?

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The Results are In….

…kind of.

I officially have the flu. But what flu I don’t know and probably won’t.

It sees that as of Monday the state of WV is overwhelmed with tests for the H1N1 virus. While a “rapid result” test is available for the regular flu strain, the H1N1, or “swine flu”, takes a minimum of 3 days to do and get results. Since the treatment for both strains are the same, WV, as I understand it, will not test anymore cases and just treat them all the same way.

My treatment is 5 days of Tamiflu and some cough syrup from the pharmacy. And to plan on being down at least another week, perhaps more.

The first dose of Tamiflu is in me now. I’m waiting for the cough syrup to be filled now, probably another 2 hours.

So far the worse things are missing out on a long planned family reunion this weekend, missing time with my grandson and my church family. Oh yeag, and somehow this dea
l has my neuropathy all fired up. And that is pretty miserable, too.